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From: Aunt Joanne
Subject: College Education - Part 2 - TGThe next morning after my night with Marco, I dressed as usual and went to
classes. As I sat through lectures, my mind kept wandering, and guilt set
in about what I had done the night before. How could I have done what I
did? I was a male! I had betrayed my masculinity by sexually submitting
to another man. My bottom was sore, and my shaved legs felt funny inside
my jeans, reminding me of my wanton behavior. What kind of real man would
do such a thing? I had behaved like a worthless fag, sucking another man’s
cock, trying to get it all the way down my throat, and swallowing his cum.
I had laid on my back, spread my legs, and let him insert his big cock
inside me, using me for his sexual pleasure, impregnated me with his real
man’s cum. Even now, his essence was swimming around inside me, trying to
make me pregnant. Even worse, that same man was probably going to want to
use me again. My toes were painted bright red, like a girl’s. I felt
worthless, embarrassed, and low, but at the same time, there was something
else? Something very nasty, and erotic. As worthless as I felt, I found
my eyes wandering toward men. I would watch them walk, and my eyes would
linger on their tight buns. I would look away guiltily, finding a cute
girl to look at, and my eyes would wander to the hem of her dress, looking
at the way it draped on her, admiring her shoes, wondering how they would
look on me. What was wrong with me? My mind was a bundle of guilty,
humiliating, and darkly erotic thoughts.I had the day off from work, and when I got home, I had a message from
Stacy. I called her and we talked a long time. I told her about my guilt
over Marco and she was sympathetic.”That’s understandable,” she said. “What you need to do is relax. Take a
long, hot bath. I’ll be over in a little while to make you feel better.”
What did she mean by that? Was Stacy going to Underage Preteen Sex come over and have sex with
me? Did she like me that way? That would be just the thing to erase the
memory of last night and restore my manhood! I drew a full tub and soaked
in the warm, soothing water, avoiding looking at my toes, wondering what
Stacy would do. After drying off and putting on a pair of sweats, I waited
for Stacy. In no time, the doorbell rang and she came in, looking as cute
as ever and smiling, carrying a large suitcase.”What’s that?” I Underage Preteen Sex asked, and she said that it was a surprise, just the thing
to make me feel better. We sat around, shared a joint, and talked, and I
told her again about my guilty feelings about Marco. After awhile, she
chuckled and said it was time for the surprise. We sat on the floor, the
suitcase between us, and she opened it towards herself. I couldn’t see
what was inside.”You’re just confused is all,” said Stacy. “You need
something to make you feel better and relax.” With that, she held up a
pair of pink, lace-trimmed, full brief nylon panties. They were gorgeous!
Slightly sheer with lace panels and lace trim at the legs and waist. They
were the most Underage Preteen Sex feminine thing I had ever seen!”Come on, these are my gift to
you,” said Stacy. “You don’t have to take them if you don’t want to, but I
think you really want them.” I looked at them in front of me, feeling
guilty. The truth was, I DID want them. I wanted to feel the softness of
the fabric, the lace as it tickled my skin, the smoothness of the nylon on
my bottom, but mostly, I wanted to see myself wearing them. She moved the
panties toward me.”I shouldn’t do this,” I thought. But I wanted to. I
reached out my hand and took them Underage Preteen Sex from her. The silky fabric felt smooth
and slippery between my fingers. Stacy smiled at me and said, “Those are
yours now. You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to be feminine. Lots
of guys do it. And you could be really pretty. With a little work, you
could really BE a Underage Preteen Sex
girl.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the panties. These
were mine to keep! I could wear them any time I wanted! Maybe Stacy was
right. And she said that I could be really pretty! I wondered what it
would be like to look at the world through the long-lashed, made up eyes of
a girl, and to have the world look at ME as a girl. I smiled at Stacy.”I
thought you’d like them,” she said, and then took a more businesslike tone.
“We need to see how much of a girl we can make you. I want you to start by
changing a few things around here.” She picked up the suitcase, and took
me into my bedroom, over to my chest of drawers. She opened my underwear
drawer and said, “First, all these boring old boys underthings have to go.”
She started pulling all my boxers and briefs and undershirts out of my
drawer.”Hey! don’t do that,” I said.”Are you sure?” she asked. “Just look
at what I’m replacing them with. She reached into the suitcase and pulled
out at least a dozen pairs of lacy nylon panties and camisoles. “I want
you to wear these under your clothes every day,” she said. “Getting used
to the feel of panties and lace will help you feel more ‘normal’ in girl’s
clothes.” I couldn’t believe I was letting her do this?but?God, the
panties were lovely! And the camisoles were delicate nylon with lace trim!
She wanted me to wear them under my clothes every day! Stacy pulled out
stockings, garter belts, bras and nighties and replaced all my underwear.
“Now give me all of your old boy underwear and I’ll get rid of it,” said
Stacy.”No, please!” I said.”Okay, but if not, I take back all the
lingerie.” I hesitated? I had to decide? To be stuck without any boy’s
underwear, forced to wear girls things every day, or? to be denied the
pleasure of wearing these beautiful girls things. “Okay, take my old
clothes?” Stacy smiled and put all my old underwear back into the
suitcase, never to be seen again. “One more thing, we need to do something
about your hair,” she said. “Nothing major, we just need to cut it into a
more unisex style.” Stacy explained that she had made an appointment for
me at her salon. Underage Preteen Sex I was worried what she had in mind, but she explained
that we would get Underage Preteen Sex it trimmed and shaped into a style that wold look
appropriate on either a boy or girl. Stacy told me to change into my
‘proper’ underwear. I went into the bedroom, took off my sweats, and
picked up the pink panties Stacy had Underage Preteen Sex first given me. I slipped them up my
legs and around my waist, They fit perfectly, hugging my bottom, waist ,
and genitals in silky softness. This was my regular underwear now! Next,
I picked one of the camisoles. It was cut sort of like a wife beater tee
shirt, but no one would ever mistake it as a masculine garment. It was
made of silky nylon, with delicate lace around the neck, arms, and hem. I
slipped into it and the nylon caressed my chest and midsection, and I felt
the lace tickle my shoulders. I was supposed to wear these every day from
now on. It felt so feminine! I put my sweats back on over the lingerie,
and I could still feel the feminine tickle of the nylon and lace all over
me. It was maddening! Even as I walked back into the living room, I could
feel the panties caressing my bottom and my privates.”Ready? Good! Let’s
go to the salon,” said Stacy, and with that, we were off. Stacy’s salon
was in a nice part of town, and once inside, she introduced me to Carolyn,
her hairdresser. Carolyn was in her mid-thirties, and very
attractive.”This is the one I told you about, Carolyn,” said Underage Preteen Sex
Stacy, as
Carolyn took me by the hand and led me to one of the styling chairs.”You’re
halfway there, hon! You’re lovely already, but we’ll make you look
gorgeous!” I told her that I didn’t want a woman’s hairstyle, just
something a little more unisex. “Don’t worry, sweetie, I know exactly what
to do” she said, and I began to wonder what she had planned. She began by
washing my hair, then she applied some sort of shiny sheets in my hair,
then brushed a liquid onto the sheets. It smelled funny and seemed to take
forever, but it was very relaxing being worked on like this. After awhile,
I dozed off. I woke up when Carolyn turned on the hair dryer. Underage Preteen Sex
I was
surprised to find another technician working on my nails. They were still
short, but shaped very smoothly and were very shiny. Even more surprising,
there were curlers in my hair! I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but it
was too late to stop now. After a few minutes of drying, Carolyn brushed
out my hair. It felt funny on my head. Light and fluffy, it tickled my
cheeks in a way it never had before. Carolyn brushed and fussed, then said
that she was done. Stacy had a Underage Preteen Sex
big smile on her face. Carloyn turned the
chair around so I could see. They had frosted my hair! It was almost
blonde! It was styled into a delicate curly shape that could only barely
be described as unisex. It was definitely feminine looking! Worst of all,
while I had been asleep, Carolyn had pierced both my ears! I had two
little gold studs Underage Preteen Sex in each earlobe! The overall effect of my hair and ears
was still barely male, but I could see that with a little makeup, I could
easily be mistaken for a girl! I was shocked and scared by what I saw in
the mirror. “You look great, sweetie!” said Stacy.Back at home, Stacy
couldn’t wait to see how I looked with makeup. She sat me down in front of
the bathroom counter, looked at me appraisingly and said, “We need to clean
up your eyebrows just a little.” I didn’t really want her to, but she was
reassuring and told me Underage Preteen Sex that I would like the finished product. After
several minutes of painful tweezing, she had me look into the mirror. My
eyebrows were still there, but there were?well, more graceful, in high,
delicate arches over my eyes. Even without makeup, with my new hairstyle,
arched brows, and already delicate facial structure, at first glance,
anyone might easily mistake me for a girl. Next, Stacy had me wash my face
with a clear soap called Neutrogena, then she carefully applied
moisturizer, foundation, and powder, going slowly and giving me advice on
how to do it myself. Next, she brushed on eyeshadow, liner, and mascara.
After applying just a touch of blush to my cheekbones, she applied
lipstick, showing me how to blot on a tissue. Then she told me to look in
the mirror. I looked like a girl. There was no doubt. Any hint of
maleness was gone. It wasn’t just feminine looking; my face was actually
pretty! I had big, expressive eyes with long lashes. My hair framed my
face in cute, frosted curls. My lips were thick and luscious.”You look
like Sean Young!” said Stacy, and my heart skipped a beat as I could
immediately see the resemblance. “We’ve got to go out and show you to the
world, girl” said Stacy. The guilt over what I was doing was still there,
tucked away in a little corner of my mind, but right now, it was
overwhelmed by the excitement of really looking like a girl! My heart was
beating a mile a minute as I realized that I was on the verge of walking
outside and successfully passing myself off as a female! What would it be
like? Would people treat me differently? Would men open doors for me, and
when they did, would they be checking out my legs, my bottom, and wishing
they could do things to me? It was scary and exciting all at once.I went
to the bedroom and slipped into a new pair of panties, garter belt, and
stockings. Stacy helped me stuff my bra to where it appeared that I had a
modest B-cup. She had me put on a snug-fitting slip with lace a the hem,
and then into a cute little black and white wrap dress that came to about 4
inches above my knees. A strappy little pair of sandals finished the
ensemble. I didn’t look “tarted up” at all. The dress was very elegant,
and the wrap style accented my slim waist and made my hips look wide and
feminine. From the back, my butt looked cute and shapely. I couldn’t get
over how I looked as a complete package. Cute, pixie-ish hair. Little
gold stud earrings. A cute face, sexy but not overly made up. A
fashionable dress that sensuously draped dress over what seemed to be a
slim, shapely, feminine body. Long, shapely legs perched on cute little
heels. And it was ME. After a quick spritz of perfume and a final touch
up of my hair, Stacy gave me a small clutch purse to match my shoes and we
were on our way.Walking outside was like being in a whole new world. The
breeze blew around my legs and ruffled the hem of my dress around my
thighs. The feeling of my lacy slip and dress against my nylon encased
legs was like noting I had felt before, and it served as a constant
reminder of my feminized state. It felt nice. I could feel the straps of
my bra against my shoulders. The heels made me walk with mincing, girlish
little steps. At first, it was hard to find my balance, but soon, I was
walking in a smooth, delicate, hip swinging steps. Stacy noticed and
commented that I was picking up girlhood very quickly. I got a little
thrill thinking about how I was not just dressing, but acting, waking,
moving like a girl.Stacy drove to one of the dance clubs in town. It
wasn’t a gay club, which scared me a little. At least at a gay club, if
someone “read” me, they wouldn’t be upset. And what about showing ID? I
didn’t want my first night as a girl to end with me getting beaten up. As
usual, Stacy had it all worked out.”Don’t worry! I know the bouncer at
this place.” Sure enough, as I nervously accompanied Stacy to the front
door, the bouncer greeted her like an old friend. He looked me up and down
a long time, and for a moment, I thought I was found out. But there was
something in his eyes and his smile as he looked at me?he was checking me
out all right, but not because he thought I was a boy. He was lustily
undressing me with his eyes! I smiled back at him, concealing the fear I
felt. Were all men like this? Stacy said that I was her friend, Joanne,
and that I had lost my ID. The bounce said that it would be a shame to
turn away a girl as cute as me and let us go right in. As we walked into
the bar, I could feel his eyes roaming over me from behind. Just for fun,
I put a little extra wiggle in my step. As soon as we sat down at a table,
two guys came up and asked us to dance. I had four or five dances, all
with different guys. Their manner toward me was kind of scary. I had
never had anyone treat me this way before and I didn’t know how to react.
But at the same time, there was something empowering about it! Men were
giving me attention like never before! They would smile at me, and then
their eyes would travel down to my chest, my waist, down my legs, then
slowly back up again. The club played mostly fast songs, so there wasn’t
much contact, but as we walked back to the table, guys would invariably
slip their arms around my waist and run their hands along my side, some
times lingering on my bottom, their hands roaming gently over the silky
fabric of my dress, with my Underage Preteen Sex smooth slip and panties underneath. The
feeling was electric. I was the object of lustful attention from big,
hulking men. I was short and slim for a boy anyway, but the new feeling of
my dress, makeup, stockings, and undies accentuated the difference between
me and these. I was delicate, weak, and feminine. They were big and
strong, and they wanted to do?nasty things do me! I had a moment Underage Preteen Sex of guilt,
realizing that I wasn’t supposed to be acting so feminine and sissyish.
For just a moment, it felt like a charade, but then I caught a glimpse of
myself in one of the mirrors next to the dance floor. My dress draped over
me sexily, showing off my curves, revealing my long, shapely, nyloned legs.
My hair was unmistakably feminine, framing my pretty face. I might have
been a male, but my appearance was that of a young, slim, college coed.I
liked this feeling. I liked the male attention, although I didn’t have a
clue how to control it. Whatever happened, I didn’t want this to be the
last time I went out like this. I wanted to learn more. I was about to.
After a couple of hours at the club, Stacy said, “Let’s go by the
restaurant, I want Marco to get a look at you.”More to come.copyright 2010
Aunt Joanne

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